“HRX WING” believes in

“Humanism- a system of   thought that considers that solving Human problems with the help of reason is more important than beliefs”.

It emphasizes the fact that the basic nature of humans is good.

 “HRX WING” is concerned with

reducing suffering and improving the conditions that people live in and

showing kindness towards Nature, People and Animals

by making sure that they do not suffer

more than is necessary.

We Focus on…

  • Human Rights Violation
  • Police Atrocities
  • Communal Violence
  • Bonded Labour
  • Women & Child Related Issues
  • Consumer Related Issues
  • Environment Destruction
  • Personnel Atrocities
  • Other related issues


  • To monitor and advocate the compliance of Human rights standards pertaining to the people.
  • To provide legal resources and legal aid and to engage in or support fact-finding committees and bodies.
  • To enable the socially, educationally downtrodden people of India to realize and fulfill their responsibilities in themselves in Society, to the Country and to the World through.
  • To work in co-operation with similar organizations of India and or other countries for the welfare of India and other countries as well as International weaker sections of people in general.
  • To affiliate to any National and or International organisation(s) including the United Nations Organisation and its specialised agencies and or to co-operate with them in all matters concerning the common interests and the welfare of the World Environment.
  • To engage in lobbying, advocacy and diplomacy work for the promotion of Human Rights, Environment and sustainable development.
  • To undertake rehabilitation and development Projects.
  • To promote all manner of Cultural activities that will serve to enrich the lives of people.
  • To organize Studies and Researches on Society, Environment, Culture & Traditions and indigenous practices of India for the betterment of the Society.
  • To bring out study reports, research findings, newsletters, documentations, etc. in support of the objects of “HRX WING”.

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