You can become a member of HRX WING of SHEY, with your Donations. Help the deprived sections of the Society, and be a part of a Noble cause of the Community Development Works. You can become a Member by donating a minimum amount of US$ 136 per year (US$ 11/month) OR EURO 97 per year (EURO 8/month). With this membership you will regularly get a detailed report of our work and get special facilities while visiting India or recommending anyone to India, along with a Membership Card!

Please send one E-mail to with your Name, Address and Photo for the issuance of the membership card which will be sent to you by Post.

You can even Print out this Page and circulate it among your friends & relatives.

The Donations shall be utilised for the expenses of hosting the guests and their related expenses. Apart from it some amount (savings if any) will be utilised for the Poor & Weaker sections of the Society through Sustainable Community Development works.

Anyone interested to be a member in order to support or to work in the Community development works can contact the Director,  via e-mail and you will regularly be updated with the developments of the on-going activities and programmes.

All DONATIONS to be made in form of Bank Draft or Money Transfer in the name of:


SB A/C No. 335


Ashoka Market Branch

Branch Code: ASHMAR

Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar- 751009



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